Countryman H6 (Directional) Headset Microphone

    The H6 Headset is the lowest profile headset microphone in the world. Combining the transparent sound quality and water-resistant capsule design of the E6 Earset with a comfortable, lightweight, and easily adjustable headframe, the H6 Headset is perfect for houses of worship, theaters, broadcasters, and presenters. The H6, available in both omnidirectional and directional versions, features a new sealed connector with exceptional moisture resistance, a slim and nearly indestructable cable, and three sensitivity options. 

    The H6 Headset is supplied with:

    • Detachable cable*
    • Carrying case
    • Black and white cable clips
    • Windscreen
    • Protective caps

    * the connector is either - 3.5mm locking jack for Sennheiser Evolution Wireless; or TA4F mini 4pin for all Shure Beltpack transmitter (please mention upon order)