Shure DP11EQ Digital Dynamic Processor

    Product Description

    Traditional analog dynamics processors are hard to understand and difficult to set up. Shure has changed all that with the DP11EQ digital dynamics processor and its revolutionary graphic interface that serves as the dynamics controller, input/output function display, and signal meter all at the same time! You can use any or all of the DP11EQ's dynamics modules to make your system sound better without a rack full of compressors, limiters, levelers, and gates. The exclusive ShureLinkTM interface allows for a single computer to control up to 16 ShureLink devices. These include the DP11EQ, P4800, DFR22, DFR11EQ Digital Equalizer and Feedback Reducer and even the UA888 UHF Wireless system networking interface. Each ShureLink device comes with one 5-pin DIN cable for linking. The chassis of the DP11EQ conveniently rack mounts singly or next to another DP11EQ, a DFR11EQ, or Shure's SCM262 or SCM268 mixers.

    •Gain controlling functions -- gate, expander, AGC, compressor, limiter and no-overshoot peak limiter -- can all operate simultaneously. •Supplied WindowsTMsoftware displays the interaction between all of the dynamics processes in one screen.
    •Additional processing features include two parametric equalizers and over a full second of digital delay.
    •Half-rack chassis with front panel metering.