Rycote Invision 6 (SKU: 041106)

    Product Description

    The InVision suspensions all use Rycotes patented "Lyre" suspension system. The Lyre suspension uses no runner or elastic components to isolate the microphone from unwanted shocks and handling noises. Instead the design of the shape allows a specific compliance to the microphone, and so prevents the handling noise reaching the capsule.


    Product Code: 041106

    The INV-6 is suitable for short small diaphragm condenser microphones of 19 -25mm diameter such as the Sennheiser MKH 8020/40/50 when used with their MZX XLR module. The mount features a pair of Single 72 (19/25) Lyres.

    Main Benefits:

    • Virtually indestructible
    • Offers much improved isolation from camera noise compared to other on-camera microphone mounts
    • No elasticated parts — never sags or needs rethreading


    Tech Specs:

    Suitable for the Audix M1280, M-Audio Pulsar II and Sennheiser e906, amongst others.

    Fitted with:
    - 2 x 19-25mm universal clips, with Standard (70mm wide) Lyre
    - Standard bar with 25mm (1") centres
    - Maximum microphone length 120mm

    An InVision set contains two Lyre, an appropriate length mounting bar, and in some cases, a reducing sleeve (InVision INV-4). The Lyre suspension webs of our InVision come in two sizes: - InVision Lyre width: 43 mm - Standard Lyre width: 70 mm Mounting bars come in two sizes: - Standard length: 25 mm - Large length: 70 mm The reducing sleeve allows for smaller microphones (e.g. Schoeps CCM series) to be held by the Lyre.