Neumann M147 + EA1 Tube Condenser Microphone with Power Supply, Cable & Suspension

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    Product Description

    The Neumann M 147 tube condenser microphone is absolutely top-of-the-line, the ideal cardioid microphone for the fully professional recording studio. Its transformerless output, low self noise and high dynamic range are the result of proven Neumann components and modern construction.

    This cardioid mic captures the "air"
    Part of the M 147's appeal comes from its extreme sensitivity - 20mV/Pa - that allows it to capture the ambience of a sound. It's spatial characteristics are so refined, you'll wonder if you hung a stereo mic by mistake! The M 147 can translate any sound's special qualities onto a recording, making it an excellent microphone for acoustic guitar or bass, horns and any kind of vocals. But don't stop there - you can put the M 147 up against an instrument amplifier and get outstanding results, too!

    A classic capsule for the best sound reproduction
    At the heart of the M 147 is the famous K 47 capsule, familiar to Neumann users from the popular U 47 and U 47 FET mics. The M 147 also features a frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz. Recognized by pros worldwide as one of the finest mics available, the M 147 is a must-have tool for vocalists and an extremely welcome addition to any sophisticated studio setup.

    Tube design plus transformerless output
    Following the M 147's capsule is a tube impedance converter. Then comes a Neumann-standard efficient, transformerless output circuit that guarantees an extremely low self-noise level. This innovative combination of current tube technology with the most advanced solid-state circuitry was recognized with a 1997 TEC Award to the M 147's sister M 149 mic.

    The M 147 Tube can feed extremely long microphone cables without affecting the quality of the audio signal. Like all Neumann tube microphones, the M 147 Tube comes with an elegant satin nickel finish.

    • No-compromise large-diaphragm condenser mic
    • Famous Neumann K 47 capsule with single polar pattern (cardioid)
    • Ideal for vocals and acoustic instruments
    • Signal/Noise ratio 82 dB (DIN/IEC 651)
    • Frequency response 20Hz - 20kHz
    • M 149 tube impedance converter
    • Transformerless output for low self noise and high dynamic range
    • High quality aluminum case, mic cable and compact universal power supply included