Soundtechnic MB-98C Boundary Microphone

     Product Description

    The Soundtechnic MB-98C professional boundary microphone is specially designed for engineering installation. It features convenient installation choices, it can either be put on the table or hanged on the wall. The microphone base is designed with 4 anti-skid rubber which eliminates vibration noise which allows the microphone to be directly placed on table .The level of sound quality produced meets even the most demanding applications such as remote video conference or professional recording.



    • Noble electrophoretic finish
    • Cardioid capsule features long pick up distance and excellent sound
    • Touching ON/OFF switch design eliminates the mechanical noise of traditional switch
    • Advanced RFI shielding technology can avoid signal interference such as mobile phone signal during operations.
    • Optional low frequency roll-off switch eliminates unwanted low frequency noise
    • 9V - 52V phantom power supply
    • Professional MINI XLR output socket