Soundtechnic TG880 UHF Wireless Tour Guide System

    Product Description

    As the saying goes "Simplicity is beauty", the Soundtechnic TG880 Wireless Tour Guide System is designed with this particular concept in mind. The setup is simple and is fully functional after a few button presses, that means no complicated frequency or confusing sound mode setup. Plug in a pair of headphones, slide the switch to "On" and you are ready to go.

    The product offers versatility at many levels and have a broad range of uses such as tours, broadcast indoor/outdoor coaching, language translations, places of worship, educational institutes, conferences, interviews etc.

    What's Included

    Each system comes with 19 pieces of matching receivers and 1 piece of transmitter with an included case specially engineered for storage and mobility.


    What's in the set?

    • 19  TG880R Receiver
    • 1    TG880T Transmitter
    • 1    Headworn Microphone
    • 1    Lavalier Microphone
    • 19  Isolating Earpieces
    • 38  Single-sided Earphones (19 for left; 19 for right)
    • 1    Charger with Connecting Bars
    • 1    Power Supply Unit
    • 1    Aluminium Case
    • 40  AAA Rechargeable Batteries
    • Operating Instructions